Roses are flawed\\k.s

Roses are flawed.

Violets are blemished.

The people I loved and cared for,

Are the one that actually vanished.

© Khushi Suneja

Tuxedo \\k.s

Classic bowtie.

Rado wristwatch.

White shirt.

Black Tuxedo.

The entire arena stood in silence to listen to the beats of his expensive footwear from Woodland. The room blossomed with the aroma of his Gucci scent. The audience silently admired his Armani white shirt. The ladies were left in ephemeral ecstacy; the gentlemen in absolute envy.

He walked with pride, without a care in the world. He was never neck deep into women; nor was the wine his cup of tea.

Ignoring all the masculine glares and the feminine stares, he came to a halt and ordered a lemonade for himself. He sipped his first and looked around himself with his beautiful brown, kohl-smeared eyes. He stood apart from the rest of the arena. No matter how rich he was, he did not fit in even the slighest bit wheresoever he went.

“The outside world is a cruel place.” His dad always used to say. After all, he was the one who used to understand him the best. He was the only one left for him since he turned 14, as his mother departed, for someone even richer, leaving behind a rich single father and a rich young kid. Now what only remains of his dad, is his words. The ones which he spoke before he allowed the alcohol that he had consumed, consume him.

He was not the friendliest kid in highschool. Nor was he the heartbreaker. But definitely someone with a past and a story of his own. Perhaps, which made him stand apart from the rest of the world. Everyone knew that he hid a secret within those wonderful eyes; a story behind that attitude.The world soon, accepted as he was. But he could not help but wonder, if it was okay to be the weirdest of all.

As he pondered over this fact, he recalled what his dad once averred. To be the number 1, you gotta be odd. He smirked. There comes the answer to all his queries.

He finished sipping his last…. and with all eyes on him he strode. The world now beheld, a confident, young man.

The man in that black tuxedo.

© Khushi Suneja

Wealth \\k.s

If today, I let you know that I have no money left in my pocket, will you still love me the same?

If today, I lose all that I had, will you still be the same?

Just ask yourself, would you still like to be with the same person, albeit, without a penny?

Will you still admire her ‘beautiful’ face, just the way you used to before?

Will she remain the same person to you, just without any money in her leather purse?

Now just ask yourself, was it actually her or her money that made you drool over her beauty?

I know you may not admit it right away.

But deep down, really deep down…

You know, it’s just her wealth that matters.

© Khushi Suneja

Nostalgic Footsteps \\k.s

Here, we roam about, like fishes in a pond.

Talking about the days that are forever, ever gone.

Muttering things of which we are not so fond.

And thus, all night, we go on and on.

We go about talking of things of the past.

Some things that were never real.

Some things that never did last.

But we go about saying all that we feel.

We go about talking all night, all day.

We seldom ever utter a Goodbye.

We go about saying all that we have to say.

And hence, we’ll go about until we die.

We roam about the streets, hand-in-hand.

Talking about the things that are forever, ever gone.

We laugh, we cry, we talk and…

So, our lives go on and on.

We wonder if anyone does care.

What if to someone we really matter?

We don’t, perhaps, have this burden to bear.

Thus, all night, we chatter.

The clock struck eight,

But we just didn’t care.

We carried on till late.

With our feet all bare.

We walked past noon.

We ran till the dawn.

Saying ‘hello’ to the moon,

We went on and on.

We smiled through the pain,

We just didn’t cry.

We laughed in vain.

Till our lips went all dry.

We went on as if,

We had nothing to fear,

Along the chills and amidst

All those glares.

We went about striding

To the place we belong.

And thus, we reached our destination

As we went on and on.

©Khushi Suneja

If Only… \\k.s

If only, you had not left my place in disgust,

I could have apologized.

If only, you had waited at my doorstep,

My girl, I would have treated you right.

If only, you had slapped me a couple o’ times,

I would have realized.

If only, you had been in your senses,

We would have never had this fight.

If only, you had seen the truth in my eyes,

We’d have been alright.

If only, you had listened to your heart,

And not the demons inside.

If only, you had kept your anger,

And that frustration aside.

If only, you had not banged that door,

And simply, stride.

If only, you had not found your car keys,

And driven at midnight.


If only, you had not met that fatal truck,

You’d had still been by my side.

© Khushi Suneja

Heartbreak \\k.s

So she wondered yet again,

If it was all worth the pain.

All those tears, all those cries,

Wasted upon those little white lies.

All those hours that were earlier spent,

Eventually leading to a day to lament.

All the time they’ve been together,

Within a bond as feeble as a feather.

Glanced at her bruises on her wrist,

Never knew life could take such a twist.

Wished that she had known ’bout this before,

Could have saved her from being quite this sore.

Before her eyes, she saw her dreams burn,

Never knew life could take such a turn.

She saw her paradise turn to dust,

Even though she did everything she must.

Wished that she had known ’bout this twist of fate,

Before it had been too late.

Disheartened, she saw the time passing by,

But all that she could possibly do was cry.

That’s the thing about time, it flies.

Thought, as tears rolled down her eyes.

She was left with a broken heart,

‘Cause of someone who was miles apart.

Life just didn’t play fair.

Her beautiful dream turned into a nightmare.

A painful cry escaped her lips,

As she wiped off tears with her finger tips.

So they became strangers who once were best of friends….

…As a beautiful relationship Came to an End.

©Khushi Suneja