Chaos \\k.s

Running like a wild mess, I looked behind my back. Monstrous men in black, chasing me. The wind being not so generous, blocking my way now and then. I turned once more and ran as fast as I could. I reminded myself of how I used to run away from situations, back in my childhood. It was of no use, though. I heard the noise of the bullet that went right past my arm and hit the building in front. I took a turn, yet again and continued to run. I reached the corner of the street and felt no way out.

Dead end.

Finding no way out, I started to run inside the building that laid at the corner. Started climbing up the stairs, heading for the roof. The tapping of their boots, still audible. I wondered if I could finally get caught, today. What if they never reach me, like those hundred times? Running wild, I crossed the steps with heaving breaths. Black tuxedos trying to get hold of me, grasp me, catch me. I swayed here and there, switching my lanes. Finally, those black ties thought of a strategy and surrounded me … 3 men in front, 5 behind. The leader took out his gun aiming at my eye, shouting what felt like a warning, most likely asking for surrender. Aha. Nice move, gunshot. I said to him. He loaded the bullet. I made my move.

Running past him, dodging the bullets I pushed myself through and went right into the glass window, falling down the building. Those tuxedos trying to find a way out. I, looked at my right injured arm and said to the blood flowing through that chaos, was I ; that whirlpool of mess…these black ties could never catch.

I fled as fast as I could.

©Khushi Suneja

Hope For Paws 🐾 \\k.s

So some time ago, I was watching some videos of homeless dogs, wandering around in the streets of Los Angeles, who were brutally left alone by their owners. But soon they were rescued by the team of Hope For Paws. In case you don’t know, they are a LA based agency that go about finding dogs on the streets, provide them with a shelter,treat them with love and help them find a new home. Some of the instances of major transformations by them are there below:-

I honestly don’t understand how can someone be heartless enough to leave such a loyal animal on the street to starve? I was very much in tears when I saw such videos. There are people in this world who crave for the presence and the love of a dog; people like me. Then, there are people who do not appreciate them and leave them to starve to death. How can such people possibly exist in this world? Then there are people like these; who go about looking dogs on the local streets, provide them with all the possible medication, treat them with love and kindness and help them regain their trust in human beings.

I don’t know what we, human beings, have done to deserve dogs at all. But all I can say is that I plead to every single dog owner(or any pet owner) in this world to love your pet to the fullest and do not leave them around to die. Moreover, if you can’t take their responsibility, atleast leave them with some sort of organization like Hope For Paws or Rescue From The Hart. Or better, don’t buy/adopt them in the first place, in case you wanna leave them in future or once they get old.

And to every animal rescuer out there, you are doing an amazing job. You are very much loved and your good deed is very much appreciated.

Thank You.

©Khushi Suneja

#LoveYourPetsPlease #SpreadAwareness