Offend me? I swear.
Offend my bestfriend? Don’t you dare.

What we gossip about? Don’t you worry.
Mess with us? You’d be sorry.

Think we’re cool? Yeah, you’re right.
Think we’re not? We’d be in a fight.

Wanna be with us? Please, don’t you interfere.
Wanna be like us? No, you just can’t, dear.

You adore us? Good.
You don’t? You should.

Wonder why we’re always together? Yes, we’re inseparable.
Wonder why I chose her? well she’s so adorable.

Do we ever fight?Yes, all the time.
Wanna fight with her too? Nope, she’s mine.

My bestfriend is my soulmate, I say with zest.
Don’t you call yours cooler, cause my bestfriend is the best.

© Khushi Suneja

My Scars\\k.s

Your love tried to take the credit of my poetry. But unfortunately, my dear, it were your scars that compelled me to write.

I wonder if you look at yourself in the mirror and feel the same. Do you feel the way I feel? No, you don’t. You don’t have the scars to hide, or the marks to run away from.

I was never ever so pretty as much as you made me feel one day. Just like I was never ever this unfortunate as much as I felt this day.

You never ever even touched me. Yet, you left your marks. Now your scars lie all over my hands and legs, marks on my face, and bruises on my neck.

Do you have anything to regret? I hope you do. And I hope it’s the scars you are the most regretful of.

©Khushi Suneja

Poison \\k.s

“Bitter sweet ecstasy that you got me in,

Fallen deep, I can’t sleep tonight.”

I jammed to my favourite song in the car while savouring my Pumpkin Spice Lotté from Starbucks. With Rita Ora blaring through the speakers and the wind blowing in from the window, I could pretty much already call it a day.

“Nothing ever, gets me high like this.”

I’ve never related or perhaps enjoyed this song as much as I did this very moment. Today marks the third day after my break up with Kevin about 2 weeks ago. Not to mention after a 4 year long relationship.

“Nothing can kill me like you do.”

All the time we’ve had been together, I’ve always allowed him to kill me. I swear his presence was like a drug to me ’cause I was surely addicted to it.

You’re going straight to my head.”

But I soon realized that mine was like a cigarette to him. He would always enjoy a smoke but throw me away when done.

“And I’m heading straight for the edge.”

I know he was playing all this while but it took me years to finally resist him. I knew he was killing me from inside, but I could not help but savour it.

“I pick my poison and it’s you.”

But I just knew I’ve had enough and could not handle it anymore. He was no longer that drug I was addicted to; he was now a poison. Killing me, gradually. I was no more that cigarette, but rather alcohol. Bitter sweet, yet enjoyable.

I was killing myself.

He was enjoying it.

© Khushi Suneja


A/N : The lyrics I’ve used in here are of the song Poison by Rita Ora.

To Jess, With Love \\k.s

I flipped through the pictures of my princess’s childhood album. Jess, my princess. I smiled at the sight of my daughter showing her pearly whites while riding on my back. Just seeing her smile is one of my favourite things ever.Next, I saw a picture of hers screaming as she, for the first time ever, was about to ride a roller coaster. I must admit, I was pretty scared too. You know, a father’s heart. Being the possessive father that I really am, I’m always pretty much scared about her safety. No matter how old she ever gets, but I’m always going to be really possessive over her. By the way, she’s going to turn twenty this year.

Shortly, I shut the album close and took out a piece of paper from my desk as I began to write my letter. Yes, I’ve been writing her letters since she left home for London 3 years ago to live her dreams and do what she loves. But for some reasons she hasn’t been replying to me for the last 2 years.

I’ve been waiting all these years for her to come home. But unfortunately, she never did. Probably, she must have been busy studying. Not a problem, though. My Jess promised me to come back and all that I know is that my Jess never breaks her promises.

So I wrote and wrote about everything I felt like. I went about telling her how much I love her, how much I miss her.

And then I heard those footsteps.

“What are you doing Jeff?” I heard my wife say.

I ignored her as I knew what was coming next.

“Writing her letters again?”

“Yes” I replied in a cold voice.

“It’s pointless. Stop.” She insisted.

“NO, I WOULD’NT!” I protested.

“BUT HONEY, SHE DIED 2 YEARS AGO!” She screamed as tears rolled down her eyes.

“NOPE, SHE DIDN’T! My Jess, would never break her promise! You’re lying!”

But in our hearts we both knew who lied. So I resumed writing her letter with a reminiscent finger, hoping that she could read through those scrawled words.

© Khushi Suneja