Offend me? I swear.
Offend my bestfriend? Don’t you dare.

What we gossip about? Don’t you worry.
Mess with us? You’d be sorry.

Think we’re cool? Yeah, you’re right.
Think we’re not? We’d be in a fight.

Wanna be with us? Please, don’t you interfere.
Wanna be like us? No, you just can’t, dear.

You adore us? Good.
You don’t? You should.

Wonder why we’re always together? Yes, we’re inseparable.
Wonder why I chose her? well she’s so adorable.

Do we ever fight?Yes, all the time.
Wanna fight with her too? Nope, she’s mine.

My bestfriend is my soulmate, I say with zest.
Don’t you call yours cooler, cause my bestfriend is the best.

© Khushi Suneja

Roses are flawed\\k.s

Roses are flawed.

Violets are blemished.

The people I loved and cared for,

Are the one that actually vanished.

© Khushi Suneja

Wealth \\k.s

If today, I let you know that I have no money left in my pocket, will you still love me the same?

If today, I lose all that I had, will you still be the same?

Just ask yourself, would you still like to be with the same person, albeit, without a penny?

Will you still admire her ‘beautiful’ face, just the way you used to before?

Will she remain the same person to you, just without any money in her leather purse?

Now just ask yourself, was it actually her or her money that made you drool over her beauty?

I know you may not admit it right away.

But deep down, really deep down…

You know, it’s just her wealth that matters.

© Khushi Suneja