24 thoughts on “Roses reincarnate\\k.s

  1. Why so serious? I know you haven’t gone through it (bold guess). Then why write about it so deeply. And here “it” refers to as breakup or relationship fail. Personally I feel like yeah you can write better about things you’ve felt. Like your previous posts about dogs and social atrocities were amazing! And when you change your genre to this breakup style it becomes to mainstream. And I know you are one of the best writers I’ve seen on this platform. P. S. Hi! I sound like your uncle TBH. But make me proud and write on everything 😁

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    1. Hey, hey calm down! No 1, it doesn’t really matter whether a person has gone through something or not to write their heart’s content and put it into words to make people who have actually gone through “it” to relate. And No. 2, I feel like even though it might be mainstream, but I am best at writing these stuffs. Just In case you haven’t noticed, it is my actual genre of writing. The poems etc revolve around them and I try my best for them to not sound mainstream. And these roses thingy, I write these “Roses are…” sort of short poems coz I like them. They look a little unique (to me). And the dog thingy I have just written two of them and obviously it was just because of my ardent love for dogs, and yes, I get you I might write good if I pick up such things as well! Thanks! Ps. You do sound like an uncle. I was scared to read that a long comment. As if I had done something wrong. Try not to scare other people like that pls


      1. would u stop being inconsiderate atm? Like this is not your Whatsapp group or something that u casually talk on? Like you two, Dewang and Arpit, Stop it. Get your own text message for GOD’S SAKE!


      2. Well honestly speaking that was rude, and second of all that was my fault so dragging dewang in that was not good at all. And I am assuring you that’ll not happen again. (Plus try to be a little sweet it’s just my opinion)

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      3. See, I lost it at first, I just saw you guys talking about things that I thought would maybe lead to another convo. Sorry, if it sounded rude, But then I found it rude too talking about personal stuffs on someone else’a comment section. Sorry, I didnt mean to sound rude though.


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