Let yourself free\\ k.s

Let yourself free from this world of sadness where your thoughts afloat and your anxieties grab your soul and push you further into the dark.
Let yourself free from the tiny shell that you have confined yourself in.
Let yourself free from the company of your best friend, loneliness. Let go of her, move on for once.
Let yourself free from all this mess, from your materialistic self.
Let yourself free.
For once atleast.

Β© Khushi Suneja

17 thoughts on “Let yourself free\\ k.s

  1. Thankyou for posting something like this. You dont know when your little step can help someone live better. Keep on going khushi…you are doing a wonderful job❀❀❀❀❀…and to all your fans out there…
    Spend tine with yourself. ..know your worth and keep appreciating this beautiful writer!

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