I wish I could permanently delete people from my life. Delete their memories, delete their aura. Delete everything they had to do with me. Delete the bond we shared, and the memories I am regretful of. Delete the laughter that shed from my mouth, delete the sorrow that was conveyed by my eyes. Delete the sight of losing people, delete the joy of regaining them. Delete the short lasting fun that we had, delete the everlasting arguments we’ve had. Delete what all I can, delete everything I can.

Yes, whether good or bad, right or wrong, salty or nasty, sweet or sour. I do not want to recall the memories that we’ve shared. Delete them all, for all I care.

© Khushi Suneja

14 thoughts on “Delete\\k.s

    1. Exactly. Now when I look back at this year that has almost passed, I find so many things that i think I would like to leave behind but also there are some that I would like to take along:)

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    1. thanks. Well I don’t know what helps. Which is why I write and tryna find people that can help me too. Well honestly nothing helps. Perhaps time heals everything.


  1. Getting over it is probably the best way to get past that hurt and learning a “lesson”…. but yes… it’s hard to put into practice…


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