18 \\k.s

Wriggling at the back of my throat; a thought straight through my mind.

Will I ever be content? “Well yes”, my heart lied.

This little world to which I was confined,

Got my soul all soaked and my hands all tied.

You just went to work,

While I prepared your food.

You spent time around your clerks,

While I cleaned, cooked and brewed.

Feeding my little kid,

While I missed out on meals.

Switching diapers was all I did,

While my pals exchanged deals.

I taught my little one,

While you drowned in your sleep,

I stayed up with my son,

Without a blink of the eye, but yeah a lil weep.

My job was to clean the dishes,

Make your clothes, spotless.

Taking care of your wishes,

Leaving my life, lifeless.

Hurt was an understatement,

As my life, away from me, was snatched.

With your due acknowledgement,

What I believe, we never matched.

I was only 18, when my life came to a halt.

And people just ask me why.

I say that I was married off.

And left alone to cry.

© Khushi Suneja

11 thoughts on “18 \\k.s

    1. I’m absolutely okay and yeah, a 16 year old actually. I had been inspired by a book in which a lady was forced to get married at a young age so I wrote this down! I hope you liked it!

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  1. La vida se detiene cuando la inspiración de la misma, es el otro mas que nosotros y por sobre todo el yo, en el poder de las individualidades se alimenta la formación plena de una pareja, de una familia…si alguien debe sacrificar algo tarde o temprano no va a servir…
    Life stops when the inspiration of the same, is the other more than we and above all the self, in the power of individualities feeds the full formation of a couple, a family … if someone should sacrifice something sooner or later it will not serve …

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