Heartbreak \\k.s

So she wondered yet again,

If it was all worth the pain.

All those tears, all those cries,

Wasted upon those little white lies.

All those hours that were earlier spent,

Eventually leading to a day to lament.

All the time they’ve been together,

Within a bond as feeble as a feather.

Glanced at her bruises on her wrist,

Never knew life could take such a twist.

Wished that she had known ’bout this before,

Could have saved her from being quite this sore.

Before her eyes, she saw her dreams burn,

Never knew life could take such a turn.

She saw her paradise turn to dust,

Even though she did everything she must.

Wished that she had known ’bout this twist of fate,

Before it had been too late.

Disheartened, she saw the time passing by,

But all that she could possibly do was cry.

That’s the thing about time, it flies.

Thought, as tears rolled down her eyes.

She was left with a broken heart,

‘Cause of someone who was miles apart.

Life just didn’t play fair.

Her beautiful dream turned into a nightmare.

A painful cry escaped her lips,

As she wiped off tears with her finger tips.

So they became strangers who once were best of friends….

…As a beautiful relationship Came to an End.

©Khushi Suneja

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