Running down my cheeks, while I faked a smile, my tears looked up to me, begging for an answer. I couldn’t reply a word. Watching him leave, left me without a word and spare me only tears. Tears. He looked at me with so much love, assuring me that he would return. I couldn’t help […]


Running like a wild mess, I looked behind my back. Monstrous men in black, chasing me. The wind being not so generous, blocking my way now and then. I turned once more and ran as fast as I could. I reminded myself of how I used to run away from situations, back in my childhood. […]

To The One Within

Dear self, I know you’re trying your hardest to be at your best. Behind the smile that you fake everyday, I can see the pain. I can see the pain within your gorgeous eyes that lie behind those big frame glasses. I can hear your soul cry.  Cry, cry. I can feel your body get […]

Not you, again

No. Not you, again. Bearing you is beyond my ken. Not letting you touch me, anymore. Staying alone, evermore. Never letting you ever reach me. No matter how hard it is gonna be. Never letting your shadow on me, fall. Wouldn’t ever again, let you appall. After all the years that we’ve together spent, Thanks […]


You didn’t see my tears, didn’t see me cry within. Never saw my scars, nor the pain I carried in. Simply ignored my bruises plus those dirty marks. Rewarded me with taunts and rude remarks. You screamed, slapped and defied. I hid, fell and cried. You hurt me a million times, all you had was […]

Just in case you’re having a bad day…

Just in case you’re having a bad day (or perhaps think so) think of:- A woman who just had a miscarriage and is feeling suicidial. Think how she must be feeling. A bride whose bridegroom didn’t turn up on the wedding day. Can there be anything worse? A little boy who lost his grandparents this […]


‚Äč My viens crimson red, my heart royal blue. Couldn’t believe a truth that was inevitably true. The sun was out at midnight, the moon anything but pure white.  I looked all o’er for you,  But there seemed no time to bid adieu. With passing time, my wounds healed. Though the scars remained. My tears […]